Ultimate Top 3 Best Tips for the Winter

Three Best Tips For Winter…. Winter Is Coming

If there is any season which can claim to be the consistent player responsible for ruining our plans with sudden surprises, it is winter. No matter how grand your weekend getaways may seem in the planning stage, the cold winter winds at the year-end will bring heaps of snow and make sure your plans get a nice cold Santa for dessert.

Perhaps the Arctic populations offer a better peek into how simple innovations can bring in loads of joy amidst the curve balls winter throws at you. We are not urging you to use the sleigh and whistle off into the frozen neighborhood; we are merely suggesting you stay within your means and make your winter months more enjoyable.

Baby Steps to a Happy Winter: Change Your Mindset

No matter how hard you may try to include the extremes of winters in your plan, and then complain how you had to seek warmth under your quilt; you can always make your life awesome even with the morning coffee. It always pays to improvise your plans and may lead to something even more exciting which you weren’t aware of a second ago. It doesn’t cost much to include the chilly winter breeze in your plans.

Keeping in mind the changing scenario, and how some tips can be replicated across all generations, geographies, and altitudes, we have put up three tips to make this winter more memorable than your regular summers:

  • Step Out for Some Winter Road Trips:

Who doesn’t love a road trip: cruising along the interstate with your friends, partner or even your happy family. If you love cruising the asphalt in your trusted machine, it won’t be much of a bother to replicate the road trips you go on in the summers during the winters as well. For those bunches of enthusiasts, who adore the journey much more than the destination, winter road trips are bound to fascinate anyone irrespective of their seating in cars.

No one can deny the mouth-watering glimpses of landscapes which pass along while on a road trip. The winters add a cherry on top of these views: literally lining up everything with a gleaming crust. Take a break from your routine life, hop into your car, and enjoy the aroma of fresh, chilled air which brushes up your nostrils.

  • Plan a Getaway to Sunny locations:

When your neighborhood is full of whistles from the winter blizzards, somewhere a group of tourists are enjoying the warm, sunny terrain. Plan a trip in advance to the deserts of the South, and the moderate beaches along both the East and West coast. Go out surfing, catch your lunch, enjoy the Southern fried dishes or lay out in the Sun for the pure fun of it.

It isn’t wise to justify that both the beaches and deserts will remain warm; in fact, there may be a temperature swing as diverse as 16 degrees in a full 24 hour period. However, you would still be covered in sweat instead of snowflakes.

Conversely, you may also opt for higher altitudes in an attempt to display your sportsmanship, though that might seem out of the equation if you prefer the sun. Higher altitudes covered in layers of snow offer an amazing natural sports complex for enthusiasts who tend to ski their way to the motels, and then swim in the rich aroma of hot chocolate.


  • Go with the Flow: Winter PhotographyWinter Barn Winter


Photography is a nice passion for every individual, notwithstanding the fact if the person is a professional with a camera. This hobby is relatively a new fish in the store, accessible to everyone, and doesn’t require the talent to click professional snaps. Photographs are a means to treasure our experiences, memories and time- something which is unparalleled to this day. You can be sure that no one will critically judge your snaps and put them up on public display. Your photos are something which has been taken based on your perceptions and will remain that way as long as their unique meaning is preserved. Also, you may not know any one of your snaps might be a gold mine for public exhibition in due course of time, offering you the added advantage of showcasing your skills.

Selfies with your snowman, your pet or your friends in your snow-laden neighborhood is a new trend to preserve the real-time memories of your life. You can always show these to your next generations, or even cherish over these moments later in life- something which is not offered by any other form of records.

These are some of the offbeat plans which you can make for your winters; a Guide once said not to be afraid of the weather, even if it is winter. Gathering up some courage to pack your stuff and then starting your journey may seem like an adventure in itself. Taking the challenges of winter head on, overcoming your constant winter shivering is a feat no less than hiking through the dense Amazon.

Besides, you can always make plans around your own comfort zone: cleaning up the house for New Year’s Eve, preparing some new winter delicacies, or even a weekend family trip to the local museum. If this sounds too mainstream, organize a family or even a social barbecue, propose your crush in front of your social gatherings, organize a day out with your friends, or even make plans for a pool party somewhere warm.

Winters are always portrayed as one of the nightmares of modern life. Winters do put up hurdles in a modern urban settlement, where every person is running after currency, both printed and digital. From the perspective of a person trying to make a fortune, winters are a menace; consider the ones who embrace this season with their pullovers, hoodies, and mufflers, go out in the snow to make their plum, snowy friend and doesn’t mind getting covered in that very snow which others dread of. In short, winters can be fun too. You just need to learn how to bring some colors in your life.


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