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flange wizard review

Two hole pins Flange aligners can be used to perfectly align pipes together. They make the job of pipefitting quick and easy. They are a tool that will allow you to align pipes so that they fit together both vertically and horizontally to the ground. They are a lifesaver if you are involved in doing any of this type of work. Below, we have reviewed three of our favorite flange alignment pins. Let’s dive in to see which one is right for you.

Our Top Picks

Flange Wizard 42050-TM Two Hole Pins, 5/16″ – 63/64″

Flange Wizard 42050-TM Two Hole Pins

The Flange Wizard 42050-TM Two Hole Pin is our most affordable flange aligner that we recommend. It has strong double-lead threads which create a sturdy hold. It is made to fit between 5/16″ and 63/64″ holes. It’s the perfect solution for those that want a cheap and simple option. It doesn’t come with any built in levels, however, you can simply place your own level on top of the alignment pins to create a horizontal position. This is ideal for small flange holes that measure under 1 inch in diameter. It will create a tight fit that will allow you to align the pipefitter perfectly.

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Flange Wizard 42050-T Threaded Two Hole Pins, 1/2″ – 1-7/16″

flange wizard review

The Flange Wizard 42050-T Threaded Two Hole Pins are similar to the 42050-TM above, with the exception that it is designed for larger holes. It can fit holes that measure between 1/2 inch to 1 7/16 inches. It has the same double lead threads that will provide a secure fit together and help speed up the pipefitting process altogether.

Like the 42050-TM, this model will require your own level to operate. Once you insert the adjusting pins, place level on top and rotate the pipe until it is level with the ground. This is another one of our affordable options. It runs a little higher than the 42050-TM, but it is a perfect solution for those that are looking for an affordable option for medium-sized 2 hole flange pins.

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Flange Wizard 8905 Two Hole Pipe Magician’s Cases, 1/2″ – 1-7/16″

If you are working with a pipe, you will need the best tools in order to do the best job possible. Not only that, but you should also have a way to protect those tools as well. The Flange Wizard 8905 Two Hole Pipe Magician’s Case and Kit allows you to do just that.

This is a full kit that comes with a protective case that will allow you to safely store all of the items that it comes with. The case is made of polypropylene and has to locks to create a secure seal when it is closed. It encases each item in foam which prevents them from any damage as you move the case around. This is important if you want the best possible results every time you use it. Any damage to any of the parts can cause misalignment when you use the two hole pipe flange.

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Flange Aligner Buyers Guide – What To Look for When Buying Flange Aligners

The Flange Wizard Brand

As you may have noticed, all of our recommendations come from the same brand – Flange Wizard. Flange Wizard is well known for their superior quality products. They have been in business for over 35 years and they are well-known within the industry. In our search, we were able to find some promising brands, but we felt that none of them could quite stack up to the Flange Wizard brand. As far as quality goes, it is hard to find products that can compare to what they create consistently. That is why we have a strong preference towards the Flange Wizard brand.

Two-Hole Flange Aligners

Two hole flange aligners are designed to allow you to align a pipe up horizontally with the ground using two of the holes. It will help you ensure that the pipes are aligned correctly and it will save you valuable time making adjustments. It has been shown to decrease fit uptime by over 50% and it completely removes the frustrations that come with attempting to balance a level using pins on your own. It is a must-have tool for anyone that works on aligning and fitting pipes together.

Flange aligners are inserted into two holes in the flange. From there, you will use a series of levels, which vary depending on the type of aligner you are using, to align the type parallel to the ground. You can use both the horizontal and vertical levels to align the pipe perfectly in a matter of minutes.

Two-Hole Alignment

The two-hole alignment is necessary in order to create two pivot points on the pipe. While the two hole flange aligner will be able to work with any two holes as long as the cross pin is long enough, the simplest way to use it is to insert the aligners into to neighboring holes. This makes aligning the flange as easy as possible.

Magnetic Centering Head

A magnetic center heads is a tool that is used to mark the exact center of a pipe or a curved metal object. They come in two different sizes which are suited for either small/medium or medium/large size pipes. The feet of the centering head rest securely on the pipe and stabilize it in place. The magnetic forces hold it in place so that it doesn’t move. This allows you to get an exact measurement without any interference.

They come equipped with a degree dial in the center which encases a bubble level inside of it. The level can be adjusted at small increments at a time. These interments will usually range between 2° to 3° each. In most case, 3° adjustments will do just fine. If you need more precise measurements, you should look for centering heads that allow for 1° or 2° adjustments.

By turning the center dial, you will be able to adjust the positioning of the level. The dial can be turned 360° so that you can use it anywhere around the pipe. This type of adjustment is necessary if you want to use the centering head at all positions around the pipe.

The magnetic feet of the centering heads allow you to position them on the pipe and trust that they will not move. It frees up your hands for more accurate and safe marking. The magnet is strong enough to attach the centering head completely upside down if needed.

You can find centering heads that are not magnetized, however, we recommend sticking to the magnetized variety because of how easy they are to use.

Each centering head has a nail that aligns vertically through it. Once it is positioned correctly, you can create your marking by tapping down on the center nail using a hammer. These nails are built to last, but they can be replaced they start to wear down.

Small and Standard Center Heads

Small magnetic center heads are designed for pipes that range from 1 inch to 10 inches in total diameter. The feet of the centering head are closer together which allows it to fit on the smaller diameters of these pipes. They are ideal for contractors that regularly work with small pipes such as fence builders, fire service and protection contractors, and those that work with building corrals and pens for livestock. They also have a variety of uses in the automotive industry as well.

The standard magnetic centering head is designed for larger pipes. These pipes will typically range between 8 inches and up to 4 feet in diameter. If you look at them, you will quickly notice that the feet on each side of the centering head are much wider. This is to allow it to sit securely on larger pipes. They are ideal for welders that regularly work on larger pipes or tanks.


The price you should expect to pay will vary based on what you are looking for specifically. If you are simply looking for a two-piece flange aligner and only the basics, the cost is lower. If you are looking for something more, like the flange wizard kit that we reviewed above, you should prepare yourself to pay more.

The choice will ultimately depend on your needs. If you have specific needs that fall outside of the products that we have featured here, you may have to spend a little more.

Final Verdict

We have three great options for anyone that is looking for a flange alignment solution. The right product you will depend on your needs. If you are simply looking to be able to fit pipes together without the hassle that manually leveling creates, we recommend the Flange Wizard 42050-TM for small fittings and the Flange Wizard 42050-T for larger fittings. If you are looking to get the most out of your purchase, we suggest the Flange Wizard 8905 Two Hole Pipe Magician’s Case which comes with everything you could need. I hope you found a 2 hole pin that does it’s job for you!

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