Top 15 Super Mario Run Secret Tips/Tricks – You Won’t Believe #12

Super Mario Run How To Get Toad Character

Wan’t to become the best at Super Mario Run? Let me show you some tips

Super Mario Run is finally out and have been out for some time now and you probably want to know all the secret tips and tricks to become a Super Mario Run master! These tips and tricks will help you speed through faster and get more gold coins to top that leaderboard. So let’s get right in to it shall we?

  • 1 Use The Bubble   Super Mario Run Bubble

How often do you miss a coin or two and wish you could just turn back time and do it again without restarting the level. Well fear not you can, by simply tapping the Bubble icon in the top left corner. You can head back and retry any amount of the course as you wish. This may not be that useful for pink coins but when you get into the black coins, this can be an absolute life saver

  • 2 Kingdom Builder Save Your CoinsSuper Mario Run Mush Room Kingdom

    Save your coins and prioritize to buy the useful things first and then you can buy all the decorations. So focus on the useful things to buy then you can get the decorations and design your own mushroom kingdom 🙂

  • 3 Use you Mini Game house DailySuper Mario Run Bonus Mini game

    Every day after you build the mini game house there will be a popup if you click the house and there you can access the daily mini-game. In the minigames you get some free coins and a chance for a free toad rally ticket.

  • 4 Take your time

    But don’t wait for to long, the time limit in this game is very generous. So don’t feel that every single run you do has to be absolutely perfect. Use the stop blocks and plan ahead, you will find that everything goes much smoother. The stop blocks does even stop the counter, so if the time is tight you can still use the stop blocks to stop and think and plan ahead. 🙂

  • 5 Link you Nintendo AccountSuper Mario Run How To Get Toad Character

    When you link your Nintendo account to the game you get some free Nintendo tokens for winning a toad rally game everyday. and with these tokens you can buy some coins and unlock some things for your mushroom kingdom.  Oh and you also get the Toad character straight away! So what are you waiting for? 🙂

  • 6 Collect all the Pink coins

    The first time that you get five pink coins, you will actually get some of the rally tickets that will allow you to go into the rally mode. It drop down a little tunnel and there you can get some more followers. After that you can collect Purple coins, black coins.

  • 7 Always Do Trick MovesSuper Mario Run Toad Rally Guide

    Hop, Skip & Jump for example

    Trick moves are really important in toad rally’s, but it’s not important in the world levels you might say?

    But you should still perform them whenever you can! Think about it when you perform them more and more they gonna become a second nature to you. Meaning you can rack up some serious Toad Cred in toad rally, and you really want to win those toad rallys 🙂

  • 8 Mid Air Spin

    If you double tap( first you jump then tap again while in the air)This will make your character spin and stay in the air for a little longer. Which is useful so you can spin over enemies and obstacles

  • 9 Wall Jump

    You can wall jump off walls and jumps in the opposite direction, simply jump into a wall and tap(jump) again and Mario will jump back in the other direction useful to reach certain places or just go backwards

  • 10 Play Different Characters

    Mario isn’t the only runner you can run around with. No no you got a whole range of character from the Mario universe, such as LuigiPrincess, Toad, Yoshi and more! Try them all out and get a feel for them and pick the one that suits you best.

All of them have their own cons and pros and are truly unique 🙂

  • 11 Jump on the flag pole!Super Mario Run Flag Pole

    The flag pole is actually kinda of a big deal at the end of each level. So you need to jump onto the flagpole, and the higher you jump the more coins you are gonna get. So try to jumpas high as possible to the flag pole. If you hold longer before you release you jump higher.

  • 12 Tap & Drag to stall

    Cancel the jumps that you didn’t want! Did you know that you can simply by swiping on Mario left you will slow the movement and even move slightly backwards. So in the heat of the moment this is an essential tool to use, so you can give a little space to get that perfect jump!

  • 13 Grab onto the ledges

    Mario can grab onto the ledges and pull himself up, so don’t think its over if you don’t make it over the ledges if you touch the ledge he will grab it and pull himself up

  • 14  Arrow Boxes

    If you see a box with an arrow on it, you don’t wanna miss that box. If you touch the arrow box it will reveal a trail of coins for you to catch. The line of coins will be in the direction of the arrow so pay attention to the direction of the arrow.

  • 15 Last one is for you to decide, type it in the comments below! 🙂

Bonus video of all the character available:

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So there we go, those we all the top 15 Super Mario Run tips and secret tricks.

Super Mario Run is only available on iOS(iPhone,iPad) right now hopefully comes soon to Android too.

Share this and do you have any tricks to share? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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