Simply Fit Board Reviews: Do NOT Buy Before Reading This [2021]

Simly Fit Board Green Review

Does simply fit board work?

A Simply Fit Board can help you with your fitness goals.

With this Review, you will learn more about the fit board and how it works with some tips. 🙂

If you’re in a hurry, short answer = Yes I recommend, they work great

Simly Fit Board Green

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Here’s a good introduction video from Simply Fit Board:

As someone, who strives to stay in shape, I wholeheartedly understand the importance of having the right equipment. Running outside is great, but also restrictive. When the rain begins to fall, your daily run will be canceled.

This is why it is a good idea to have a treadmill or an elliptical as a backup. Recently, I discovered the Simply Fit Board on the hit television show Shark Tank. The company’s representative gave a thorough explanation of the board and its benefits. I was attracted right away and finally managed to get my hands on one.


The board is truly unlike anything else on the market. Despite the simplicity, the board is immensely versatile and delivers a great workout. The product will be examined in great detail below.

A Board For All

While the functionality is probably more integral, it is still nice to know that the Simply Fit Board is available in various colors. Most guys will not want to carry a purple fitness board to the gym.

This isn’t an issue with this product. The board is basic in design, but still available in several colors, including blue, green, magenta, and orange.

This guarantees that men, women, and people of all ages will be able to find a style that suits their preferences.

You should also know that the fitness board from Shark Tank is very supportive and durable. While it is very lightweight and compact, it can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight! Therefore, it should be a good addition to almost anyone’s home gym.

Here’s a video from Shark Tank:

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Size And Weight

Another good feature of the Simply Fit Board is its size. This is one of the most praised aspects in most Simply Fit Board reviews. The product measures in at 26 by 11 by Âľ inches. In total, it only weighs around 3 pounds.

This makes the product suitable for various purposes. If you have a gym membership, you’ll easily be able to carry the board along with you. It will never get in the way or feel cumbersome.

For home use, the size is perfect and makes storing the equipment away simple and easy. While a big treadmill might not be suitable for small dwellings, the Simply Fit Board is.

It can be utilized almost anywhere and will never get in the way.

Accessories Includedsimply fit board DVD

It is undeniably true that the Simply Fit Board is very unique. It is unlike any other type of exercise equipment and this can make it slightly difficult to figure out. The good news is that you won’t be obligated to jump on the board and put yourself at risk.

I truly appreciate the fact that the product comes with a handy user guide and a workout DVD.

The combination proved to be very advantageous. The DVD will teach you precisely how to utilize the board safely and in the most effective manner possible.

The instructional DVD truly takes the guesswork out of the equation and ensures everyone is able to get the most out of the product.

The Workout

Now, it is time to get into the details that really matter. How well does the board work and what muscle groups will it target? Initially, I was a little bit skeptical despite watching the demonstration on Shark Tank.

Nonetheless, I was intrigued enough to make the purchase and give it a try for myself. I will admit that my initial assumptions were completely wrong.

The board isn’t necessarily a cardio machine, but it delivers a great workout. It took me a good ten minutes to get comfortable and keep myself balanced.

Once I had figured it out and increased the intensity of the workout, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. After a good five minutes of exercise, I could feel my legs begin to burn.

Five minutes later, I was on the verge of total exhaustion. I was also sweating pretty good at this point. Suffice to say, the Simply Fit Board will give you a good exercise and make you feel like you’ve accomplished something afterwards.

How It Works

Simply Fit Board Training FitAs mentioned above, I had a little bit of difficulty getting started. Nonetheless, the instructional DVD was very helpful and guided me through utilization of the board. Still, it will take anyone a few minutes to get comfortable with the balancing aspect of the board. Below, I will provide you with a guide for getting started.

  1. Place the board on a piece or rug or carpet. Using the product on hardwood flooring is not recommended, as this will result in the board slipping and sliding around.
  2. Carefully place your feet on the outer edges. Look at the board and locate the last set of circles. This is where your feet should go.
  3. While mounting the board for the first time, you can want to grab ahold of a nearby object. This will make your first workout safer, while also decreasing the probability of suffering from a fall.
  4. Once you’ve ready to go, slowly rock yourself from side to side. Repeat this for a few minutes, until you’re totally comfort.
  5. Finally, you should start twisting your hips.

Again, it can take a few minutes to really get used to balancing yourself on the Simply Fit Board. However, once you’ve gotten it down, it’ll begin to feel natural. Remember to maintain your balance by holding onto a nearby object until you’re totally comfortable.


Ways To Increase Difficulty

After you gain experience with the Simply Fit Board, you may feel the need to increase the intensity of your workouts. Progressively elevating the difficulty will help to ensure you’re able to continue making improvements to your physique. The good news is that the Simply Fit Board is totally versatile.

It can be utilized in a wide variety of unique ways and you can also combine several workouts into one. For instance, one of the best ways to increase the difficulty is by adding dumbbells to your workout. Follow the same steps above, but do so while holding dumbbells.

It is best to start with lower weights until you get the hang of it. Alternatively, it is also possible to incorporate the Simply Fit Board into a variety of other workouts.

The board can be used to increase the difficulty and effectiveness of squats, pushups, and even planks. I have been using this product for many months now and I will admit that it works exceptionally well for each of these workouts.

Muscle Groups Targeted

The Simply Fit Board targets the leg, arm and abdominal muscles. The swaying and twisting motion flexes the muscles, toning and strengthening each one simultaneously. From the adductor longus, to the rectus femoris, to the Sartorius muscle flexes, each muscle is affected by each rock. The key is to rock from side to side in a slow motion until you become comfortable with the board. Once you become accustomed to the feel of the board, you can enhance each exercise, by adding more bodysimplyfitboardabs movements.

It took me a while to get comfortable with the board, but now I not only focus on my lower body, I work my arms and should muscles, as well. Now, this exercise is a tad bit more difficult, but with a little practice you will be able to target your deltoid, biceps brachii, triceps brachii and supraspinatus muscles. You do not need to be a professional athlete to achieve the most from the board just a little creativeness and determination is all you need.simplyfitboardlegs

The abs are the most targeted muscle group and are nearly affected by every exercise you do, while using the Simply Fit Board. When you are trying to balance your body on the board, you are flexing and strengthening your abs. Most people are not aware of the fact that you can exercise your abs while you are standing, but with the rocking motion you are doing just that.

Tips For Safe Use

Some people are fairly clumsy and slightly unbalanced. This can make utilization of the Simply Fit Board a little more difficult. Below, I will provide you with some basic tips for keeping yourself safe while using the board with maximum effectiveness.

  • Use the board on carpet. While it may work on other surfaces, the carpet will prevent slippage while also giving you added peace of mind.
  • Don’t be afraid to hold onto a stable object in the beginning. This will allow you to get comfortable with the product. Before too long, you’ll be able to use it with ease.
  • To get the most out of your board, it is essential to twist at the waist. Make sure your knee joints remain stabilized throughout the twisting motion. Also, keep the core muscles tight during this motion.
  • Have fun with it! The Simply Fit Board is designed to deliver a fun and effective workout. Listen to music or use the board while watching television. This will help keep your workout exciting and will ensure you return for a second round the next day!simplyfitboardtraining2

Notable Specifications

  • Weight capacity – 400 pounds
  • Targets abs, arm, shoulder, leg, and buttock muscles
  • Available in a variety of colors (blue, green, orange and magenta)
  • Does not put stress on the joints
  • Includes a step-by-step user guide and DVD
  • Lightweight design for superior portability
  • Suitable for beginner and veteran athletes and all body types

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the Simply Fit Board is definitely a unique exercise accessory. Since it is so compact and can support up to 400 pounds, it is definitely suitable for almost everyone. I have used it for several months now and I have already noticed the difference. Once you’ve mastered the balancing act, you’ll discover that the Simply Fit Board can add a little fun to your workout and this will keep you coming back time and again. The product is easily recommendable.


Check the current price here!


Thanks for reading, have a good day 🙂

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  1. As 2017 started I was nearly 35 pounds overweight and not sure what to do about it. After watching Shark Tank I knew the Simply Fit Board was for me so on Jan 8th I bought my first Board. Within 4 weeks I lost 10 pounds using it 20-30 min a day 3-4 x per week. That got my attention, so I decided to reconsider a few things I was eating. I removed some fast food from my diet and continued using the Board. A few weeks later I was down 18 pounds. Awesome!

    Suddenly I started having a sore tooth so I went to see my Dentist. It turned out to be an infection and a 3 week nightmare of which I could not exercise or workout. (getting my blood pumping would cause great pain).

    I missed my SF Board. I missed it badly.

    During this down time I decided to go through my closet and try on some of the nice clothes that I had not been able to wear for many years. I was amazed. Some of them I could actually fit in and some I was really close. I knew I had more work to do but was feeling re-energized.

    Finally, the swelling and infection were gone and I resumed using my Simply Fit Board. I kept on a steady plan of 3-4 x per week using many of their exercises shown on the DVD. Just about the time I had lost more than 20 pounds I dislocated a rib on my left side. I thought I was going to pass out. The pain was intense.

    Ugh!! 2-3 more weeks of not being able to use my SF Board due to the swiveling. I was able to do some speed walking during this time which allowed me to maintain my weight but I knew in order to really lose the weight I wanted to I would need the SF Board workouts.

    Finally I resumed my exercising on the Board and started doubling my plank and ab workouts. To date I’ve lost about 34 pounds and can fit into any and all of the clothes hanging in my closet. I am now wearing slacks I had not worn in nearly 20 years.

    I love my Board and continue to use it to maintain my incredible weight as well as working the belly fat that a 58 year old man has to deal with, into muscle.

    Others in my life are asking how I lost the weight and after telling them about the SF Board some are using it for themselves. Just got an email today from a client that I work with who said he bought one after we talked and he’s lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. That’s what it’s all about!

    I love you Simply Fit Board. You are a perfect Fit for me and my health!

    1. Yeah so I used a similar product back in 1980. It was a square board that I stood on and twisted upon just like this one.
      My lung collapsed spontaneously as twisting, my ribs apparently rubbed my lung the wrong way. My lung began to fill with fluid over a couple of days. I was hospitalized for two weeks. I hope your read this Laurie.

  2. I bought mine about 2 weeks ago, and have already lost 10 lbs. I do about 20-30 minutes on it every night before bed.

  3. I’ve had a Simply Fit board since it came out. I love it !!! I just bought a second one to use it in my 5th wheeler when we travel. Seems the quality is no longer of importance. My newer bends easily. What happened?

  4. I just received my board but did not get a DVD with it! I’m excited about using it as soon as I receive the beginners DVD. Can’t wait.

  5. I bought the board when I saw it on Shark Tank. I’ve used it off and on for 2 years. After using it awhile I noticed it cracked a little. I got on it again and it cracked in two! I thought it could withstand 400 pounds! I weigh 120. Do you think I could get it replaced?

  6. I bought mine about a year ago and got a second one to take to work. I use it every morning, about a month ago the board has started to cracking on edges in middle of board. I am a 160lb woman, very disappointed!!

  7. I want to purchase the simply fit board. But after some of the reviews I’ve read about it cracking makes me Leary about buying it

  8. Mine has started cracking after a year also. I enjoy using it so hoping they will replace mine too. It is supposed to withstand up to 400 lbs. I am under 130 lbs. I just bought one for my daughter also, so am disappointed mine cracked.

  9. I’m on my second board It really works when you are consistent . I use my board sometimes in the morning an before I go to bed its great!! Only problem the boards do crack after using them for three months or more consistent but I still Love my board.

  10. Has anyone had problems with their feet cramping if so how do you fix it i was only 15 mins into my workout but couldnt finish bc of my feet

  11. I love my simply fit board and used it every day 20-30 minutes a day for the past few months until I noticed a small crack appear on one side edge right midway of the board. Over a few days it continues to split the board towards the center as if in half. It is now split 1/4 of the way from edge to center. I only weigh 162 pounds and am extremely disappointed. It was supposed to be for up to 400 lbs. It is beyond the 60 day return policy. Very disappointed. I had finally found a program I really enjoyed only to find the equipment broken and dangerous.

    1. I purchased the fit board December 2017 and used it for about 3-4 months and it cracked in the middle, I weigh 135, so I called simply fit and they asked me to take a picture of it and send it to them via email. They did replace it right away, however, 3-4 months later after consistent use, yep it cracked again. Same thing, took a pic and sent it in and they replaced it again. Another 3-4 months go by and AGAIN it cracked, they sent me another one. Now we are in March 2019, same thing happened, I cannot get it replaced because my warranty ran out. Very disappointed but I love the product. Hopefully, they can fix the crack issue.

  12. I purchased the board over a year ago and noticed it is cracking. I will be contacting them today. I love using the board and the results.

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