The 6 Best Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews (Ultimate Buying Guide 2021)

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Need help finding the best refrigerator water filters that is good?

After a while the water filter in the refrigerator can get dirty and unhealthy giving you not the best water.
best refrigerator water filter

Let me help you and what I consider the best and most reliable ones. 🙂


Introduction of best refrigerator water filter

In this article, you will get to know the following:

  • Reviews from the top six brands
  • Some basic concepts about how it works and what to look for
  • Types of these products and brands
  • Uses and advantages of fridge filtration
  • Important points about replacements of these filters
  • Bottom Line

Psst.. these are the top picks


These are the Top six products

While there are lots of brands and products in the market, we have picked the top six and reviewed them herewith, in the light of their features, pros and cons. This will help you take the right call when you proceed to buy the best choice for your fridge.



GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter review


This one from GE RPWFE is one of the most loved filtration from the GE brand. It uses a highly sophisticated filtration system which acts effectively on chemicals and other pollutants. It is a guaranteed fit for most GE refrigerators. When you use this filter, you can be sure of getting high-quality clean and healthy a drink. Here is a look at some on some features, pros and cons of this filter, so that you can take the right call of investing in it or not. It’s definitely worth a spot on my top of this list.


  • Advanced and Premium filtration system with the capacity of eliminating five pharmaceutical components (ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim and fluoxetine) and fifteen contaminants
  • Comes with guaranteed fit for many GE brand of refrigerators that come with French-style doors
  • Excellent capacity to remove components like bad odour, lead, asbestos, mercury, pesticides and other organic elements
  • Great technology that knows to retain the natural minerals like fluoride in the liquid
  • Comes with easily replaceable filters that don’t require any sophisticated technology for installation
  • Six-month warranty for filtration, after which, they need to be replaced


  • Very easy to install and maintain
  • Scientifically tested and verified filtration system; therefore, you can be guaranteed results
  • Gives clean, fresh and healthy drink that has a great smell and taste
  • One of the most respected brands of GE


  • Quite steeply priced
  • Some users reportedly noticed leaks in this model
  • Sometimes people experience fit issues

Bottom Line

When you buy this product, you should first check for the fit, and if that is perfect, this filter should work perfectly for you. Since it is a branded product, you will not experience any problems while using or maintaining them.

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LG LT700P Replacement 200 Gallon Capacity 


Is the liquid at your home filled with chlorine content and other chemicals like lead or asbestos? If yes, the LG LT700P is the right choice for you. It has a capacity of 200 gallons of liquid and is one from the best choices if you want to gift your family the luxury of chemical-free H2o. Read on to know more about this product.


  • Capacity to hold 200 gallons of liquid
  • Filter comes with six-month warranty
  • Great quality of liquid and ice as it removes chlorine, lead, mercury, asbestos, benzene, bad odour and taste
  • Highly reliable filtration system
  • Made from highly durable plastic material


  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with quite a lot of LG refrigerators
  • Undergone independent NSF testing, where it was proved that this filter removed close to 90% from the pollutants
  • Clean and healthy liquid guaranteed


  • Some people reported leakage problems
  • In some cases, users felt that it wasn’t effective in filtering chlorine

Bottom Line

This one is from the big brand LG and is quite effective as it removes heavy chemicals. It lends good taste and odor to your drink and gives you hygienic liquid in return. You can refer to LG’s official site or Amazon to see the models of refrigerators that this filter is compatible with. This way, you can be sure of choosing the right fit that suits your needs.

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EveryDrop by Whirlpool 3 


Next up for my top 6 list is this is an NSF certified from Whirlpool, and it has managed to surprise everybody with its powerful technology. It is considered to be the best choices if you kids or older adults at home because it is very effective in fighting against all kinds of chemicals and pollutants. Here is a brief overview about this filter:


  • Superior triple filtration technology which enables removal of a whopping 66 contaminants
  • Contaminants removed include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, parasites, and all other dust particles
  • Located towards the base on the refrigerators
  • Filter needs to be replaced once in every six months
  • Compatible with refrigerator models like Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air and Amanabest refrigerator water filter review
  • NSF certified pharmaceutical reduction system


  • Complete removal of chemicals, thereby giving you high quality of H2o that tastes and smells divine
  • High-quality replaceable filters
  • Considerable difference in H2o quality


  • Some people felt a metallic/ plastic taste in the liquid after installing these filtration.
  • Sometimes, it gave a loud noise during installation

Bottom Line

This product can remove up to 66 contaminants, and it also comes at a cost-effective range. There are only a few brands that come with triple filtration system as well. Therefore, it is a good investment once you check the fit and performance capabilities. It’s one of the best out there.

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Frigidaire ULTRAWF Compatible 


One of the best advantages of Frigidaire UltraWF is that it performs like the big brands like Whirlpool but at a highly effective price range. Here are some features of this filter that you may like to know.


  • Compatible with Frigidaire and some of the Kenmore models of refrigerators as well
  • Comes with superior filtration system that ensures removal of chlorine, minerals and related contaminants
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual, which makes installation easy
  • High-quality and healthy h2o liquid with a nice taste and odour is possible thanks to the simple yet sophisticated technology


  • Good value for money
  • Very high liquid flow
  • Good durability
  • Easily replaceable
  • Considerable difference in liquid quality and taste after installing these


  • Sometimes, the filtration is defective and doesn’t fit properly
  • Some people reported bad taste and smell of ice during the initial period of use

Bottom Line

This is probably one of the most affordable product available in the industry today. Therefore, it is the best choice for people who have a tight budget and still expect reasonable results.

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General Electric MWF 


Continuing for my filter reviews are this one, the refrigerator filters from GE don’t disappoint users. This one is no exception to the rule. The MWF from GE comes with advanced filtration technology that acts on the liquid effectively and removes all kinds of contaminants from the same. Read on to know more about the product.


  • Scientifically tested and verified filtration system that removes five pharmaceuticals (ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim and fluoxetine)
  • NSF-certified premium filtration technology that is capable of removing up to 12 contaminants from the H2o (these include chemicals like lead, asbestos, etc.)
  • Filtration that can be easily installed and replaced
  • Compatible with all side-side refrigerators and the ones with a bottom freezer


  • Through process of contaminants removal, thanks to the efficient filtration system used in it
  • Easy to install and replace as well
  • Better-tasting h2o and ice guaranteed
  • 30-day warranty from GE; free replacement for defective products


  • Some users reported slow stream flow problems
  • Some users didn’t find any difference in water taste even after using the filter for months

Bottom Line

Yes, it does have a few disadvantages; however, GE keeps upgrading its product line on a regular basis. This filter possesses the valid certifications that are needed to test the removal of contaminants, and it does a good job out of it.

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Frigidaire ULTRAWF 


This product from Frigidaire promises to turn your unhealthy tap drink into water that is clean and healthy. Its superior filtration system is worth trying out if you have refrigerators that are compatible with this model. The features, pros and cons of this filter are explained herewith.


  • Comes with NSF and ANSI certification, which speaks volumes about its effectiveness
  • Capacity to reduce up to 99.8% of chemicals and other pollutants in the untreated liquid
  • Keeps refrigerator clean of all residues and accumulated sediments
  • Comes with a filter life of six months


  • Obvious difference in the taste and smell of ice and liquid quality
  • Product are easy to replace and install


  • Some users reported a rotten smell (that of sulphur) in the liquid after installing these
  • Not quite durable as in some cases, the filter broke off easily within a couple of months of usage

Bottom Line

If you have checked the product that arrives for defects and if you have got the size right, this product from Frigidaire proves to be a good purchase. In some cases, you might get the non-upgraded filtration which may result in an unpleasant experience for you.

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Basic concepts about how they work


A filtration system is used to remove the dust particles from  the liquid which flows through its h2o and ice outlet.  These equipments ensure that the tap water at your place is treated very well so that it tastes better and is of great quality. When you install these in your refrigerators, you don’t have to spend anything extra in getting external water filters or bottled h2o from the stores. In a nutshell, these fridge filters are the best eco-friendly and cost-effective filtration that you will ever find on the market.


There are six basic types of fridge filtration that you should be aware of. They are:

  • Grille
  • Drop Down
  • Slide Out
  • Canister
  • Inline

Let us look at each of these types in the trailing section:


These are usually located at the bottom portion of your fridge. These filtration are lengthy and thin. They can be operated with the help of a push button. These filters are nicely covered with a knob, which doesn’t make it stand out awkwardly.A Refrigerator with door open

Drop Down 

These products have been given this name because they are located in the drop down section of your refrigerator. This section is the one that you find inside the food compartment in the fridge. The best part of these is that they are located at such a place where they are hidden very well. Therefore, they don’t spoil the look of your fridge or occupy too much of space.

Slide out

These filtration are quite similar to the “Grille” model. The only difference is that in the slide out models, you have a slab that can be opened with a push button or quarter turn. In the grille model, you will have the knob that can be ejected when you press the eject button. Like the grille models, the slide- out filtration are also located at the bottom portion of your fridge.


These products are short, stout and in the shape of a barrel. They are placed at the back of your food compartments, and they are well-protected. Most of these filters come with a safe plastic cup covering that can be opened with a pull. These cups have rubber gaskets to hold the filtration tightly. Gaskets need to be replaced quite frequently for the proper functioning for the filters.


 The models that we saw above are inbuilt inside the refrigerators. However, the inline filter is not. These are external filtration that are connected with your fridge through the liquid connection network. The major advantage coming from these is that there it brings a lot of flexibility for you. You cannot connect any model of the fridge with any brand of water filter.

Uses and advantages of fridge filters

How can you be sure that your refrigerator uses chemical-free and dust-free water for making ice? Through fridge filters, of course!  These filtration follow a systematic process where it acts on pollutants like chemicals, soil, pesticides, dust and the like. Most of the products go through a detailed three-stage filtration process. The first level takes care of big-sized pollutants; the second level takes care of removing the chlorine content, and the final level takes care of removing carbon content. Therefore, Kitchen the resultant liquid that comes out from the filters is clean, healthy, tasty and of good odour. Here are the main benefits that you will get when you use refrigeration water filters.

  1. Cleaner and safer drink

    – Needless to say, this is the first and foremost advantage of installing one of these into your fridge. You can choose to buy the inbuilt model or inline model. However, the benefits with both are the same. Your kids can be assured of clean and healthy water.

  2. Better taste and odour

    – Since these filtration follow a detailed process to act on the liquid and remove all possible contaminants from them, the resultant quality of the liquid that you get is quite high. It is crystal clear, and you will be surprised to note that it tastes better than before. Since all the pollutants and dirt particles are removed from the h2o, it also smells better.

  3. Cost effective

    – Most of us buy bottled drinks, in a bid to drink chemical-free and healthy water. However, we have to admit that bottled water doesn’t come cheap. If you are going to invest in a few bottles on a daily basis, it can burn a deep hole in your pocket. This is why it is highly recommended that you buy one of these for your kitchen. These are cheap and far more effective than bottles. Also, you can get replace these very easily, which makes managing them, a breeze.

  4. Easy to manage

    – These water filters can be cleaned and replaced easily. When it is due for replacement, some of the filter models let you know through an indication light. In some other cases, the manufacturer lets you know through email, text or call about the same. This way, you can avoid all kinds of leaking issues and remain alerted always.

In the case of inline filters, you have the extra flexibility to choose any brand of your choice because they would be connected externally with your fridge. Since these go through a step-by-step iteration process to give you clean and healthy water, it is only natural that you shouldn’t think twice before investing in them, isn’t it?

Some important points about replacements

When you invest in any machinery, you should ensure that you maintain it well. This rule applies to fridge filters as well. Since these products are prone to accumulation of dust and other pollutants, it is highly recommended that you replace them as per the instructions of the manufacturer. This will guarantee the smooth functioning of the products. If you don’t do this, the liquid that flows into your fridge will not be clean, and the whole purpose of installing filters gets defeated. How do you know when it is time for a refrigerator water filter replacement? The following indications will help you.

How to install

Here is a couple of good videos on how to install it to your fridge, note there can be some difference on your refrigerator.

How To Replace one easily :

How to Install EveryDrop™ Ice & Water Refrigerator Filter 3:

How to Install and Replace the GE RPWFE:


Check the indicator light

To make matters easier for you, most of the latest models of fridges come with a filter replacement indication light on them. When your filters are due for replacement, this light gets switched on automatically, thereby alerting you if needed any needful action.

Keep track of the time

Usually, it is recommended to replace fridge water filters once in every six months. When you don’t have an indicator light facility, you need to keep track of the last time you changed or installed your filters. If it is more than six months since you touched your filters, they are due for a replacement.

The improper functioning of the dispenser

More often than not, the speed at which your fridge dispenser functions is a good clue to understanding if your filter needs a replacement or not. For example, when your filter gets clogged with debris, mineral deposits and other pollutants, its efficiency gets hampered. It takes quite long to fill just one glass of water, in this case. When your dispenser dispenses water very slowly, you should know that it time to replace your filters at the earliest.drinking a glass

The quality of Ice

If you want to know if your filters are working fine, check the quality of ice in your tray. When the ice cubes are not clear, or when they have a weird colour or smell, you know that your filters need to be replaced. Sometimes, even after the usual time, you find that ice has not been formed properly. This is also an indication that you need to replace your filters soon.

The quality of water

Is your water tasting different than before? Do you feel a strong odour of chemicals or weird taste of any deposits? If yes, it only means that your filters have not done an effective job in removing the pollutants. Therefore, the quality, taste and appearance of liquid form an important part of deciding if your filters need replacement or not.

Final Verdict

Big brands like GE, Whirlpool and Frigidaire, are ruling the refrigerator water -filter industry today. It is highly recommended that you choose from these respected brands. Never trust newbie companies because they offer filters at throwaway prices.  If the prices are too low to be believed, it should ring an alarm bell in your mind that they cannot be trusted! Once you have drilled down on the brand that you want, ensure that you check the compatibility chart available with the manufacturers and choose the filter that fits your refrigerator well.  Spend some time in analysing the size and other technical aspects so that you can enjoy the benefits of clear, healthy, chemical-free, tasty and good-smelling water.


So these were our top list of our favorite water filters. This article took a long time to write, i appreciate a share 🙂

Leave a comment if you have anything to say, thanks for reading hope it helped your decision and have good day 🙂


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  1. I bought an LG LT700P water filter for my fridge and after install and purging 2 gallons, my zero water pitcher is 0 ppm, my tap water is 26 ppm and my fridge water with the LG filter is 28 ppm.

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