/r/Place Has ended – The Epic Art Battle That Started On April Fools

reddit r place picture final result ending wallpaper

On 1st april on april fools a new game started on this subbreddit as a social experiment and today 3rd april 72 hours after the game has ended. ?

It first started simple with not that many players with some simple lines and graphics being made. The game then started exploding in popularity and during these three days it has some amazing art being made. The game rules is simple, you can place a tiny pixel on the big area of the map every five minutes. You also had a set of colors to choose from. ?

What was amazing to see is all the subreddits and communities cooperating to make some amazing and funny graphics. Also there were many battles for space and ruining others work while protecting borders, for example the logo at the bottom OSU was often heavily battled. ?

Here is a awesome timelapse of r Place from start to the end(72 hours)

Here is the final picture wallpaper of result after 72 hours of battling and this should hang in a museum honestly(internet museum maybe ?)

reddit r place picture final result ending wallpaper

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