PS4 Vertical Stand Review – Great For Your Gaming Needs (2021)

ps4 vertical stand black

 What is this for?

Playstation 4 vertical stand is designed to fit with the PS4 system perfectly. The unit comes with the custom interlocking mechanism. The PS4 system will be secured firmly with the non-slip feet. Integrating the system with your home entertainment center is possible. If you do not have sufficient space to lie the PS4 down, you can go for one of these so that the issue will be overcome in a very efficient manner. Two Black Playstation 4(Ps4) Controllers

Benefits of using of these

There is a great potential to save space with having one. The newer models are released on the market with a lot of functions, and you will enjoy many benefits. With the built-in cooling system, you are also able to manage the system very efficiently. You will save money as you will not want to purchase various accessories separately. The units are affordable, and it is possible to bring entertainment setup in the best possible way.

Sony Official for PlayStation 4 Review

This one from PlayStation its the official one from Sony. The dimensions of the product are 15.4 x 3.2 x 1.4 inches, and it’s weight on the unit is 9.9 ounces. You can use the stand to hold the unit in an upright condition. You can connect controllers in a perfect way. As the unit has ventilation cavity, the PS4 will not go hot. The unit works in a perfect way as per the design.

As the product is small, it will not occupy much space. Instead of going for third party products, you are able to go for the official product so that you will enjoy the perfect fit and the console can be managed as per your needs. The physical locks will ensure that the product as well as system are attached very firmly. The attachment can be made without using tape, screws, or tools. The color is in nice matte and glossy black, so if you’re going for that stealth kinda look then this one suits really well and looks great to. 

You should choose the stand that fits and looks best. Sony computer entertainment accessories is one of the best option in this direction, since it’s the official one they don’t slack on quality. The unit appears very stable, and you can expect long life. You should follow the instructions to use the product in a perfect way as designed by the manufacturer. 

I would recommend this one personally. ?

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Limited Edition Glacier White – Sony

ps4 vertical stand white edition review

This is for PlayStation 4 and can be used to save space around your TV. The Glacier White PlayStation 4 can be set up vertically with the color stand. The dimensions on the product are 14.5 x 3.2 x 1.3 inches and the weight of the product is 11.2 ounces. You are advised to go through the list to buy the most appropriate product for your needs.

Even though the product is advertised as while color the color on the stand is light greyish. However, it does not affect the functionality of the stand in any way of course. I think the white looks amazing compared to everything black, it gives it some edge and stands out it’s unique one. You can keep the console in a stable position without any issues working working with the help of this cool white color edition. The product can be used with the PS4 20th anniversary and does fit perfectly. The product appears much nicer than the cheap products that you purchase from the market. When you install the official PlayStation 4 stand, you can manage stunning looks. You are also able to save space as well, good for the gamer.

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Zacro Cooling Fan Dual Charging Station Dual USB hub

Next up this one comes with a cooling fan, and it’s dual charging station is ideal for PlayStation 4. The product has USB hub ports as well. Hence, it will perform dual functions such as cooling and charging as well. It is the only model on the market which covers four different functions i.e., console stance, cooler, dual charging station and USB hub.

The playstation are cool working with the dual cooler fans. The playstation will not burn your table even though it is played for long hours. You are able to charge both shock controllers at the same time with the dual charging station. Thus, you are able to save a lot of space with this tool. If you go for a horizontal design, it will occupy a lot of space in your room. The space saving as well as cooling on the system will take place at the same time, the fact that it has extra cooling is great if your room is otherwise hot especially in the summer when temperatur is rising. Also the convenient way to store your controllers is a extra plus.

The data transferring and charging are done in a very efficient way with 2 hubs and one USB port. The cooling fan can be fitted to the normal size of PS4 and it cannot be fitted to PS4 slim or pro. The heat from the console will be collected with built-in fans and will transfer the heat out on the console and it handles it pretty good. Thus, the PlayStation 4 will be cool and you are able to play games for many hours without any issues. The three USB heads placed on the front of the system will enhance the capability of the entertainment system. Suits well for your wireless controller with Dualshock 4 and the Remote play.

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Kootek with Cooling Fan

Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4, Controllers Charging Station with Dual Charger Ports and USB HUB for PlayStation 4 review

The product comes with dual charging ports and it will serve the cooling needs as well in a very efficient way. The product serves the multi-purpose of vertical stand, cooler, USB hub, dualshock charging station and controller thumb grips. It has two built-in fans by which the game console are cool and calm. Even though the unit is played for a long period, it will not be overheated.

There are two charger ports so that the charging are done very quickly. Both controllers can be charged at the same time. The game console will be positioned in vertical direction and it can be used very safely. The mouse, keyboard, phone, tablet and other USB devices can be charged in a very powerful way by using the 2 hub and one USB ports. The dimensions on the product are 15 x 5.6 x 1.2 inch and the weight is one pound. So it’s not to big and doesn’t weigh that much either when you factor in the multiple functions it includes. Pretty great one. ??

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This product will help you manage the console system in a very efficient way. It will save space and the heat will be eliminated from the system so that you are able to play games for extended hours. One of the advantages with this one is also it looks, I think it looks much cleaner when it’s upright rather than laying down. But it also depends how your living room looks or how much space you have, maybe you can’t have it upright but it’s definitely worth looking into getting one and making it fit. ? 

When using one of these on my I experience the fans are not working as hard thus making it quieter, one thing to always keep in mind is not to block the fans in anyway else it can get overheated and the fans is louder. So make sure there are some space behind the fans and nothing blocking the ventilations, the ventilations are in the back of it.


Overall all these four products from different brands are a great purchase and will do it’s job perfectly, now let’s go and play some multiplayer games ?


Thanks for reading my best Ps4 vertical stand list, hope it helped!

Feel free to share and comment this article it took a long time to write. ?


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