Here are the best ‘Please Do Not Swear On My Profile’ Memes

This new trend of adding a text saying “Please Do Not Swear On My Profile thanks” started exploding in popularity from out of nowhere. It probably started from this picture of Family guy with the text “Please do not swear on my profile thanks” edited in. ?




It’s by using Facebooks camera effects there is a frame filter with the text in in it that many have started using, or just simply tweet it or a facebook post with text with the line. ?

Here are the top 5 funniest I’ve found yet ?

Top 5 Funniest Please Don’t Swear On My Profile list


Just a friendly note ?


Using the facebook frame filter ?


When you so serious you get laser eyes ?

4. Please Dont Swear On My Profile thanks deadmau5

Deadmau5 gets the meme in reply ?


Don’t you see the sign? Thank you ?

This meme is probably gonna keep getting bigger and a few days you are gonna be so tired seeing these memes in your facebook feed, or maybe you have already. ?

Now you obviously need to Tweet to your followers that this is serious business and dont wanna see any swearing on your profile ?

Please Do Not Swear On My Profile, Thanks! ? Click to Tweet


What do you think of this new meme is it stupid or stupid? Let me know in the comments and Share this article! ☀️ ?


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