Pewdiepie Setup Gear Headphones, Computer and Phone (2021)

Pewdiepie setup and gear headphones pc mouse cardboard

Here’s Pewdiepies setup video tour [2021 Update]

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What do Pewdiepie do and who is he?

Pewdiepie setup and gear headphones pc mouse cardboard

I’ve dug deep and have found and listed Pewdiepies Setup, software, gear and more.

He has become one of the top YouTube celebrities. He manages more than 50 million subscribers from all over the world. His earnings crossed $12 million in 2015. The young man who is also called as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg hails from

The exceptionally talented Felix has great wit and attracts people to his videos very easily. You will be entertained to the full potential extent by watching those movies and you will certainly like to go through the tech gear deployed by him to produce an amazing collection of videos.

Many of his gear I found can be seen on in this funny setup tour video:

Nintendo Wii U

There will be great mobility and interaction with the Nintendo Wii U. even though the efficiency of Wii U is different from Xbox and Playstation, it was chosen by him and he got one.

LED light strip kit

Led Strip Lights Kit Pewdiepie

LED light strip kit is designed to produce an impressive ambience. You can produce your favorite color with the strip kit. Pewdiepie loves to produce a unique atmosphere so that there will not be boring moments even though he spends the whole day in the same room.

Plastic Drawers

Pewdiepie went for plastic drawers so that he will be able to manage all kinds of items in a very efficient manner. The Sterilite plastic drawers will fulfill his needs as various kinds of items can be stored in an organized fashion.

Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutout

In many of his videos he always manages to have cardboard cutouts of the celebrities, like Danny DeVito is one of them. Maybe to get relief from all the daily output of high quality videos he maybe needs some energy from these. So he might always have a few of these included in his room, it’s just his thing don’t question about it. This is a real essential to have in your room!


The Ainsley cutout measures aroud 185 cm. it is printed on high definition. He might also be inspired by the English chef, television presenter and entertainer who knows?

PewDiePie Life Size Cutout

Why not get the man himself as a cardboard cutout and pretend you’re hanging out with him ? You can take him with long walks on the beach nothing weird about that…

BroFist Neon Sign

Felix Kjellberg, The king of YouTube has his own logo brand. Which are the famous bro fist the he usually does at the end of his videos since the beginning almost. Here’s is the brofist in a neon sign. Check it out

10 Hour Red Apple Cinnamon Scented Votive Candles

PewDiePie sets the right mood in his room by choosing the scented candles. If you place these candles in Votive Candles, they will last up to 10 hours. Maybe he would like to celebrate his success with these special candles.

What does pewdiepie use to edit his videos?

Adobe Premiere Pro

Felix have said that he uses Adobe Premiere Pro for editing in a video back in 2014, so he probably still uses that. He has a small team helping him out doing videos to they also do some editing as well I suppose.

What photoshop does he use for photo editing?

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud

pewdiepie uses adobe photoshop editing

He uses the latest version from Photoshop probably using the Adobe creative cloud which is a subscription service and gives you the latest and greatest from adobe. Did you know before starting youtube or in the beginning pewdiepie actually did photoshop editing work to provide some income.

what phone does pewdiepie have?

pewdiepie using white silver google pixel phone

The phone he is using right now is the Google Pixel the White/Silver Version. He’s a big fan of android not so much iPhone he have said before.

Pixel is the latest from Google phone and always gets the latest and greatest version fast because it’s the google offical phone and it looks very clean aswell. Overall a great Android phone.

Pewdiepie Phone Mobile 2018 Update

In this new Pewdiepie video, you can see he says that he is upgrading to Honor Play Smartphone with the navy blue color.

Before pewdiepie used the Honor 7x Smartphone and is doing a sponsored video below for the new one, but pewdipie seems to really enjoy the new phone alot.

The new Honor phone has increased performance for gaming, 6,3 inch LCD screen and tons of new cool features.

New red custom built computer

The pc is built by maingear that he received and also did a livestream with them while they were building it pretty funny stream, also at the end of the video you can see and he says that he switched to Razer for keyboard and mouse which are these two:

Razer Deathadder elite

Razer BlackWidow Chroma

Ableton 9 daw sound program

In the video above you can see while he is downloading minecraft at the background you see the interface of ableton 9 which is a music program where he puts his funny samples and then triggers it via the launchpad. And he is most likely using push 2 as it’s launchpad for his soundboard for the buttons, since it designed and made for Ableton. You can get them here:

Ableton Live 9 Suite

Ableton Push 2 Controller

iMac 27-Inch Retina

Also his girlfriend Marzia which are also a big youtube channel and she is using the iMac, which is shown multiple times in her videos. They often have episodes where felix and her are playing The Sims 4.

Apple iMac 27 Retina 5K Desktop

And that’s all that I can see Pewdiepie uses as gear and setup goes.

Famous quote from the legend to live by

[easy-tweet tweet=”Don’t be a salad, be the best damn broccoli you could ever be –  @Pewdiepie” via=”no” user=”Pewdiepie” hashtags=”Pewdiepie” url=”” image=””]

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