How To Use Instagram Album – Tips and Guide 2021

Instagram Album Collage Feature Filter

How to use Instagram album feature and tips

Instagram New Album carousel feature combine photos and videos


Today Instagram officially rolled out the new feature that allows you to share multiple photos and videos in one post, kinda like a folder. ?

So now you can make a carousel of images and videos up to 10, all in one post by and you can then simply swipe through them.

This opens up many possibilities for creative Instagram users. ?

You can simply combine a bunch of photos/videos for your birthday party, do tutorials showing step by step, how to bake a cake, showing today’s outfit with multiple angels and the list goes on. ?

How to use Instagram album Video Tutorial:

 Here is a step by step guide in text:

  1. Click upload icon on Instagram
  2. Press “select multiple” bottom right of the photoInstagram Album Collage Feature Filter
  3. Then you get a circle around your photos and videos just click in which one you want in the album then hit next
  4. Then you can change filters this will apply to all photo in the collage
  5. Click on a photo to individually change filter or color. You can also hold a photo to delete it(swipe up) or rearrange your collage by dragging in right or left in which order you want it in.
  6. Then hit next when you’re ready, then you can insert description and tag as usual.


Tips and tricks you need to know:

Now when your friends see your collage they can simply swipe through your album, yep it’s not so complicated but it’s a nice feature in my opinion, it can give more depth to users posts ?

Do note, If one likes one photo in your album then it counts as the whole albums likes.

If you have videos in your album the view count does not show like it usually does for videos. Also you can’t re-arrange the photos/videos after you posted the album.

Also obligatory t-shirt for Instagrammers ?


Have you tried the new album feature what do you think? Do you think its good or bad? Let me know in the comments.


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