Top 10 Most Creative Custom DIY Nintendo Switch Cases

A Custom made DIY Nintendo Switch Case

A Custom made DIY Nintendo Switch Case

Having a custom DIY Nintendo Switch case is a sure way to stand out and be unique. People are already getting creative and creating their own DIY carrying cases or stands. Here are some I found which I liked! ? ?


My Switch case. It’s so bad from NintendoSwitch

Got a Nintendo Powerglove anyone? Pretty funny “case” ?


I thought that most of the premium carrying cases for the switch felt a little too big. I started using my LoZ 3DS case instead. from NintendoSwitch

Couldn’t find any Switch cases that I really liked, or that were in stock anywhere. Decided to DIY it. I made two cases. One for transporting in my while in my backpack mostly, and the other for walking around with it in my pocket. from NintendoSwitch

This is probably my favorite if you are a huge Zelda fan? You can also get the super cool leather case here! which are actually for the Nintendo 3ds but fits the switch nicely as well.


I’ve built a Switch carrying case from an old ammo container! from NintendoSwitch

Bringing the real ammo! ?


You may have the perfect Switch case in your house right now. from NintendoSwitch

Probably the best case out there ?


Waterproof, crush proof, nearly indestructible case for switch $35 from NintendoSwitch

Kinda James Bond case for the more sophisticated gamers.


Girlfriend knitted me a switch case! from NintendoSwitch

A idea for DIY carrying case  ?


Custom case I made for my Switch from NintendoSwitch

A solid DIY leather case ?


My girlfriend spotted this cool DVD player case on special at our local Walmart for my switch. Makes the perfect Nintendo switch setup for on the go. from NintendoSwitch

If you have a DVD player cases laying around maybe it will be the perfect case for the Switch? ?


I made my own Switch case! Zelda fabric. from NintendoSwitch

This one is really unique handmade case ?


Forget the Official Switch cases, this old Gameboy pouch works perfectly! from NintendoSwitch

For the OG Gameboy fans might have the Gameboy pouch to show off with your switch in it, really cool ?


There is ten of pretty cool cases, do you have anything you want to add to the list let me know in the comments ?

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