Top 10 Best Woodworking Tools & Products

Working with wood is a great hobby that is a ton of fun and very rewarding experience.

Finding the great tools and woodworking plans can be a jungle, but here’s recommended quality products that are great to enhance the woodworking life.

1. Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop

This is a great woodworking book that the main point is about having fun, it’s a greatly entertaining book from the comedian Nick Offerman.

But at the same time really valuable lessons that really speak the same language as a woodworking enthusiast.

In are some well-presented projects that are easily approachable for all kinds of experience you have.

In are some inspiring techniques and ideas for woodworking plans that are sprinkled with the funny humor of Nick Offerman.

Overall a really entertaining book that will make you happy.

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2. Complete Manual of Woodworking: A Detailed Guide to Design, Techniques, and Tools for the Beginner and Expert

This book has it all, everything you would need to know about woodworking. It has over 1,800 quality drawings, diagrams, and photos that are made by the experts’ authors Albert Jackson, David Day.

The book will teach you about the whole way going from beginner to expert in woodworking. It’s a real classic piece in the woodworking community that is recommended.

You’ll also learn about the different tools types and when to use them, so a perfect beginner guide also for more experienced as well.

Check price here on Amazon.

3. MLCS Can-Do Clamp Review

This bright red corner clamp can do it all, very useful for corners that are tricky to hold still. It’s a very precise tool for framing, drilling, and doweling.

Great for when needed to hold still the wood while it’s gluing or to help you when you put a cabinet together.

The clamp is made of high-quality aluminum so no compromise of quality here.

Check price here.

4. VonHaus 8 pc Craftsman Woodworking Wood Chisel Set

Great 8 piece toolset to get the tools you’ll probably use the most and are really well made.

They are very ergonomic and are heat treated which are for extra strength and durability while you are working on wood carving.

They are very sharp so be careful not to cut yourself.

If you used very cheap chisels before you will feel the difference between these and wondered why didn’t I buy these before. It will make the carving experience much more enjoyable.

So all in all a great set of chisels that will last you a very long time.

Check current price here.

5. The Joint Book: The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery

This book is about illustrated instructions for doing joints. It has every join technique you can imagine such as edge, scarf joints, lapped, housed joints and much more.

It’s an essential book that every woodworker should have in their house even if your brand new to woodworking joints you can learn everything from beginning to experienced.

Not so much exactly step by step instructions but a more comprehensive book about joints that you can quickly reference.

Great book even if you just learn a third of it you will be a great woodworker.

Check price on Amazon here.

6. Hudson Durable Goods – Woodworking Edition – Waxed Canvas Apron

If you’re looking for a work apron for woodworking this is the one to get.

It has padded straps that are very comfortable on your shoulders and a quick release buckle to make it easy to take it off and on.

A nice feature is that it has a spot for two hammers with two hammer loops. Will fit for many different body types it is adjustable from medium up to XXL.

I like the brown color because it will hide the sawdust well and gives that nice woodwork rugged style. But there are different colors to chose from as well such as black and grey.

It’s not limited for woodworking only obviously you can use it if you work with leatherwork, gunsmith, blacksmith, garage work or just when you work in the workshop.

The material is very durable and thick and well waxed as the outcome of the finish is superb.

The first time it can be a bit stiff but the more you use it the more it will “break in” so not a problem at all.

Check price on Amazon here.

7. Sawdust Is Man Glitter Woodworking T-Shirt

A funny woodworking t-shirt that says “sawdust is man glitter” it’s kinda true though the smell of sawdust is magic. A great gift for a father, brother, sister or yourself who loves woodworking.

You can get it in multiple colors like black, navy, blue, dark heather and heather blue.

Check price on Amazon here.

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