Best Vibrating Foam Roller – Ultimate Buying Guide 2021

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Foam roll excercise women

Do Vibrating Foam Rollers work well?

Are you looking for a good way to help relax your muscles and relieve pain easily?

Let me show you the best-vibrating foam rollers that will help you quick and easy 🙂

Foam rolling is a brilliant and enjoyable way to help those tight muscles and an incredible way to relax your muscles. It can be used for pre-workout and post-workout or days off to soften up muscle parts and to help loosen up those muscle knots. You should use a foam roll whenever you need to, two of the main reasons are

It can be used for pre-workout and post-workout or days off to soften up muscle parts and to help loosen up those muscle knots. You should use a foam roll whenever you need to, two of the main reasons are

  1. To self-massage the muscles and to increase the blood flow
  2. To increase your mobility, relieve pain (this is a big reason for most people)

Spoiler these are my top 3 picks

PictureNameBrand Price
HyperIce Vyper - 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller Black ReviewHyperIce VyperHyperice$$$
Nextroller Electric vibrator roller reviewNextRoller Electric Vibrating Foam RollerNextRoller$$$


So if you are feeling tight and have sore muscles foam rollers can help you relief that pain and it’s recommended by many.

Here we are gonna look on electric Vibrating Foam Rollers, these are especially good because the vibrations helps you massage and workout those muscles more intensively. It’s also great Christmas present. So let’s get right into it 🙂

HyperIce Vyper – 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

HyperIce Vyper - 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller Black Review

This product is trusted by world’s top pro athletes to help you warm up before workout faster and help recover faster after workouts. Vyper is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery foam roller that will help you to pressure focus on specific muscle groups, and vibrations is to improve your body’s overall performance.

HyperIce Vyper has been featured in channels as ESPN, Inc. Magazine, Men’s fitness, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and Muscle And Fitness, so it got some quite recognition and reputation. It uses the latest in manufacturing and got a good Vibrating form excercise mendesign of it. It includes Air Injected Plastic to help roll out the tightness better on your body better than the Basic Foam Rollers that you will find in cheaper range. Got 1-year warranty, also fun fact Hyperice Vyper have been on Kickstarter with whopping 1,084 backers pledged over $270 000. 🙂

There are three levels of insensitivity for the vibration so low, medium and high. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and it gives 2+ hours of charge, so plenty of time lasts a handfull of sessions before you have to recharge. It comes with a standard AC adapter wall plug to recharge and you just plug it into your wall, standard stuff. The battery is full when all the green lights are on. Also got three colors to choose from, Black,

It comes with a standard AC adapter wall plug to recharge and you just plug it into your wall, standard stuff. The battery is full when all the green lights are on. Also got three colors to choose from, Black, Gray and Pink.

So the dimension of it is: 15 x 6 x 15 Inches, and weights around 4.2 pounds.

Foam roll excercise womenThis device should qualify for an HSA Health Savings, but contact your HSA provider to verify and to be sure.

Here’s a video on some examples for exercise, how it looks and behaves 🙂


Looking at some customer opinions its clear that very big majority is very satisfied and happy with the product. Many say this is the best vibrating foam roller on the market and when you hit the sore and tight spots on your body you just sit on them with the foam roller and let the vibration break them down and loose them up and it really goes deep into the muscles.

The materials is very high quality many say and the vibration is even strong at the the low level. It’s easy and small to bring with you to the gym or wherever, and the results are encouraging.

I would say this is the Rolls-Royce of electric foam rollers, this product is highly recommended by many 🙂

Check the current price here!

NextRoller 3-Speed Rechargeable Electric Vibrating Foam Roller

Nextroller Electric vibrator roller review

This is a lower class but still works great! Nextroller 3 vibrating foam roller uses vibration technology for a great muscle recovery. The foam roller is no longer just a replacement only for sports people, it works great on everyone who wants to loosen up muscle groups. Now your vibrating foam roller is the message it provides a great deep muscle soreness relief on the muscle group you are focusing on. Also got one year warranty.

It has three speeds to choose from low, medium and high-intensity vibrations for you to dial in the amount of pressure you are looking for. the vibrations helps for sore joints and muscles, muscle pain in your lower and the upper back of your knees, it band, quads, hamstrings, your back and more. It’s a great all-around exercise.

vibrating foam roller excercise legsThis can be your own personal massage therapist, this will work great in aiding recovery before weightlifting and after to, cross fit, yoga and cardio works good in those areas to. It helps your body to perform at your best.

This foam is portable and got a rechargeable battery and lasts over two hours of vibrating use. The measurements of the roller is in diameter of 6″ and the length is 13″.  It includes a standard wall-outlet charging adapter so you just charge up and ready to go.

Some users experience are it has a good size in length and feels comfortable when laying on it for example your back. The vibration is a bit lower than the others, but if that is maybe what you are looking for then this is will suit you well. The foam of the roller is reasonably stiff and that is a good thing so you can get good massage experience. Battery last farily long for a good amount of sessions before a recharge. It takes around 4 to 6 hours to charge it fully, but you dont have to charge fully if you need it for a quick session that it just needs around 20 minutes of charging.

Works as you expected for a good exercise, overall all good a choice.

Check the current price here!



This massage roll got different intensities of vibrations, four different vibration levels from 2000RPM up to 3700RPM and has a inbuilt rhytmical pattern if you would want that. It is very versatile and works great for all type of exercises you can do with a massage vibration roll.

The dimensions of this vibration relaxation roll is at 6″ diameter and 18″ length long. The materials for this roll are EPP also known as Expanded Polypropylene material. So it is exceptionally eco-friendly which is a plus, also lighter, stronger and versatile plastic foam. also includes a 1-year warranty.

Active roll includes a workout CD and a workout manual to help you with some examples for exercises. There is a new core structure that got a build in fan to push out the air that the motor generates in high frequency, just to keep the motor in a good temperature. In low frequency it works without any noise problem, so no need to worry about noise when in low mode. For batteries Lithium Metal batteries is required.

Customers have said its a good option for the lower price range and that its affordable. It massages good without needed to move to much thanks for the vibration that is build in the massage foam roll. The materials feels decent, not as good as the other ones. The electric foam roller works as it should , with the higher class of vibrating foam rollers is a better experience but if you are on a budget this is a good choice.

Check the current price here!

Bonus Review:

Hyperice HYPERSPHERE, 3 Speed Localized Vibration Therapy Ball

Hyperice HYPERSPHERE, Vibration Therapy Ball review

The Hypersphere is kinda same idea but it’s a ball instead of a foam roll. So it’s especially good to release those sore muscles on muscle groups like back, hips, glutes, hamstrings ,shoulders, feet and concentrated areas.

It also vibrates like the foam rollers, with three different speed settings. It got a Lithium Ion Battery that is rechargeable and got power indicator lights so you know when its fully charged or not. It got 2+ hours of charge. This ball is an essential product for localized soft tissue therapy.

Looking at customer experiences the build quality are extremely well, its a high-quality product. It have helped many with specific back pains and gives a relief from the pain, also have helped soften up muscle groups and improved muscles for example scar tissues. The vibrations are very strong, so have that in mind even lowest is quite powerful but that is a good thing so you can really get the benefits of vibrating the muscle groups effectively. Also Vyper charger will fit this one to. Overall an another helpful product from Hyperice!

Check the current price here!


Benefits of vibrating foam rollers is that it’s great for beginners because of the vibrations helps you get deep and effectively work those muscle groups you target on and helps loosen and lengthens those muscles to increase the overall motion and flexibility of those muscles.

You can also tune in your desired vibration frequency to your liking whether you want it more intensively or little less intense. It also helps the circulation and it’s perfect for warming up before any activity you wanna do.  So that’s why perform better-vibrating foam roller.


Thanks for reading hope it helps your decision. Share this and let me know if you got any experiences in the comments below 🙂

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