Best Nintendo Switch Accessories: Do NOT Buy Before Reading This [2021]

best nintendo switch accessories reviews

Some of the Best Nintendo Switch Accessories out there right now.

Nintendo Switch ScreenAs now the release date for the it has passed by and the hype train is well up and running.

Many are excited to get their hands on their gaming device and start playing wherever they are because it’s so portable, which is probably a big selling point. ?

There are some very useful extras out there that you definitely don’t wanna miss and might need.

I’ve listed my favorite best Nintendo Switch accessories, they’re mostly official products from Nintendo or other manufacturers that are officially certified by Nintendo like Hori and Pdp, because they are trustable.

Anyway, let’s get right into it. ?


Pro Controller

With this controller you can hook it up to your device like usual, if you want more bigger controller if you have big hands this will suit well for you. It got motion controls, HD vibrating rumble like the other and amiibo functionality as well. The battery life is rumored to be around 40 Hours, the Wii U Pro controller is 80 hours on a single charge in comparison. You also get the charging cable which is USB-C to USB-A. Pretty solid controller if you want maybe more comfortable controller for longer use.

Check the current price here! 


Joy-Con Charging Grip

This charging grip is really suited if you are gonna play long sessions or don’t want to be interrupted and need to recharge. The Joy-Con controllers will charge as long as they’re connected to the Switch unit. With this you don’t have to connect it to the device just use it as a controller that is wired. The charging grip controller is also translucent for those who want that ? Do note it’s not a battery bank pack in the grip, you must connect it to the device(Any power source will do) to charge, it does not charge on its own.

Check the current price here! 


Joy-Con (L/R)-Neon Blue

If you are gonna have a gaming session with some of your friends then you might need multiple controllers. Nintendo is one company that always does tons of social fun games in my opinion, for example the new 1-2 game. I think games are much more fun playing with friends in real life. So have a pair of these extra is good to have. There are also multiple colors to chose from, you can for example only buy blue, red or gray ones, if you really love one color and be little unique. ?

Check the current price here! 

Grip Kit, Joy-Con Grips & Thumb Grips

This handy grip kit from Surge is a handy accessory for the game controllers if you might experience them a little bit to small or wan’t a little more comfort. It’s definitely good to have if you play with a friend with the single joy-cons for longer sessions and this will make the controller bigger give some more support for your hands to hold in. Also includes controller grips and 2 thumb stick grips, It’s a creative Nintendo Switch Accessories for sure I like it ?

Check the current price here! 


Joy-Con Strap-Neon Red

These straps comes in three different colors Neon-red, Neon-blue and gray. You do get one pair of these in black when you get the console, if you however want to color match, mix colors up or simply lost the straps then these are great. Each of these is compatible with both Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R). Do note these are one strap in each box. Then simply slide it on on one of your controllers.

Check the current price here! 



HORI Officially Licensed Premium Protective Filter 

This is for the screen only not a replacement for nintendo switch cases but, getting a screen protector for your device is very important in my opinion, you don’t want to get it scratch at all costs its worth investing in. The screen is plastic not glass so can be a bit more sensitive against scratches. This one got a thick scratch-proof screen guard and is Officially Licensed by Nintendo. ? There is a premium version and a standard version. Definitely worth looking into one. Check the current price here! 

Carrying Case + Screen Protector

This carrying case is probably the most common and standard ones because its a solid case. It’s from Nintendo themselves and also includes a protector for your screen. In the case there is also a stand to fold up for your device to lean on and stand up. Also some slots to hold up to five cartridge games. A great Nintendo switch case.

RDS Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

This is my personal favorite. The case is a littler thicker/harder and got a Link on the front and a Zelda logo, there are multiple colors and you can also choose Sheikah Eye on the front instead of Link. It also includes 2 game card cases each holds up to 4 game card in them. Also 2 Micro SD cases, each hold 2 Micro SD cards. Definitely have a look on this one ?

Check the current price here!


Everywhere Messenger Bag

If you are planning on traveling or just need to have the gaming device and everything else with you then this bag got all in one. Inside you will find that it has a place for everything. It has a so-called 2-in-1 design and includes a separate carrying case for your system. Everything is fitted to keep all your stuff secure when moving around also got an adjustable shoulder strap. Really solid bag for moving around. ?

Check the current price here!

RDS Game Traveler Deluxe System Case

This is also a good traveler hard case shell for the device. This is more compact and smaller if you are looking for that. It can hold and protect the complete system, also got a mesh pocket for all the HDMI/usb cables and charging cable. Includes also two game card cases and two micro SD Card Cases which protects them from dust which is good to have. This offer all in one solution with complete protection ? Looks good too in the all black case in my opinion and I like that it’s a bit more harder shell than other products.

Check the current price here!


Premium Console Case PDP

Premium case from PDP which is Officially licensed by Nintendo, which is important for it to fit like it should and acts like a quality control. This one can store up to 14 game cards which is alot actually, if you got alot of games this one is nice to keep it organized. It also got a Zelda edition and a Mario edition (have you Mario Kart 8 Deluxe yet?). Includes a cleaning cloth for your screen, all in all cool case for everyday use.

Check the current price here!


Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C

The battery life can drain fast when you are out playing or using system as portable mode. So a battery pack is essential to have with you that is charged and ready. This power battery bank has a USB-C  and is 20100mAh with 6A Output. So there is plenty of juice to power up your device when in need. You also get 18-month warranty which is nice, and can also charge your phone or the new Macbook. Tiny and looks good to ? ?

Check the current price here!

AC Adapter

With this AC adapter you can plugin in from any 120-volt outlet and charge up your device. If you want to recharge the battery while you play you can do that with this adapter since it doesn’t need to be docked. It’s always recommended to have the adapters from the official manufacturer or a trusted reliable one. So I would say it’s worth it to buy the official one instead of the risk of frying your beloved device or something you never know. Also, make sure to use official certified USB-C cable when charging stuff in general. Use the stuff that comes in the box or others that you know you can trust and that you know are not some generic cheap knock off for safety reasons.

Check the current price here!

Joy-Con Charging Dock

With this charging dock you can charge up to four joy con controllers at the same time. Perfect when having multiple joy con controllers, the joycons have a battery life of 20 hours/each. The dock also have Individual LEDs so you can easy tell each controllers charge level. It is powered via USB, it also has the slide in function for each slot.

Check the current price here! 

High Speed Car Charger by HORI

Since the device is so portable you are probably gonna have it in your car (Please Don’t Drive and play at the same time!) it’s perfect for road trips or just a long drive. Then a car charger would be handy, this officially licensed by Nintendo car charger delivers a powerful 5 volt / 3000mA with a 6 foot cable. Also got a cool gray Switch logo on it ? Pretty useful stuff.

Micro SD Card suitable for the Switch 

There are different sizes for each of these to chose from, I would recommend going at least 128 gig+.

It really depends how much you plan you are gonna use, if you are gonna download games digitally or use the gamecard cartridge to play on. One Plus side with storing it digital is you don’t have to cartridge cards everytime you wanna play a different game. and you dont have to keep those cartridge with you when you are on the go either. ?

Samsung 256GB EVO+ microSDXC

This one from Samsung is really fast, 256 gb gives plenty of space for you games or other content that you want to store. The Read speeds on the 256 gig version are up to whopping 95MB/sec and the write speeds is almost the same it goes up to 90MB/sec, Speed are gonna be really important with the sd cards and this got really high tier speed. This one is really good.

Check the current price here! 256 Gig 

Check the current price here!  64 Gig  

SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD

SanDisk also makes really good and reliable SD cards. This one is little smaller 200GB and is a MicroSDXC form factor. The read speed up for this one is 90MB/s so pretty fast. It comes in black,  it fits the matt black on the Switch but you probably won’t see the SD card so much anyway but a nice touch ? Again plenty of space to store your games and other content that you may store, they also have different sizes depending on how much you are gonna need.

Check the current price here!


Amiibo is a physical figures that you can tap on to your right controller(NFC) and it can give you in-game items, like outfits, power-ups, items or other fun bonuses. They also look really cool just to have as decoration. ? Here are my favorites.

The Zelda Amiibo is probably my favorite, it’s the character Zelda which is one of the main characters(obviously ?). Another one I really like is the Link the archer one, he is in the pose of shooting an arrow which is really cool. They come on a little round platform they stand on and you need to tap with the circle platform on the right controller for it to work. Now there isn’t so much to tell because I don’t wanna spoil the fun for you. But definitely check them out. ?

Check the current price here! – Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Check the current price here! – Link (Archer): Breath of the Wild



HORI Compact Playstand

This playstand from Hori which is officially licensed by Nintendo is a stand for your 6.2-inch screen. With this you can simply play while charging it in a angled stand. You can also fold the stand for easy transport and take less space. The big advantage with this is it raises your console up so you can have easy access to the usb-c charging port which is placed at the bottom. Its also a little more sturdy than the little kickstand that is in the back of your console.

Check the current price here! 


Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI

If you have slow wi-fi connection and need a stable and fast internet connection via ethernet cable or simply you don’t have access to wireless internet. Then this lan adapter is good to have, it simply plugs into your Nintendo switch dock, then plug your internet cable. It’s good when you want stable connection for multiplayer and don’t wanna disconnect or when downloading heavy files.

Check the current price here! 


Premium Zelda Chat Earbuds

If you are a huge Zelda fan like me or just need some good headphones that are for the switch then these pair is pretty attractive. As you can see it has golden Zelda logo with a sword on the outside of the ear plugs, also it comes with a nintendo switch case with zelda breath of the wild inspired design. The cables are also flat so they don’t tangle as easily very hassle free. We all know how it feels when your earbuds tangles and you’re in a hurry ?

Check the current price here! 

Zelda Collector’s Edition Screen Protection & Skins

If you are a huge Zelda fan you might be interested in this cool skin for your Switch and the dock too. The design is inspired by the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild as you can tell. It also includes two rubber thumb caps that you can attack to your knobs for extra grip or protection. Be careful when applying the screen protect so you don’t get any bubbles. ?

Check the current price here! 

best nintendo switch accessories reviews

Video Best Nintendo Switch Accessories Reviews Unboxing

That’s all I would recommend and found that was some useful gear extras. ? If you have any other cool accessories
you recommend let me know in the comments!

One of the top ones in my opinion to get is storage, i’ve noticed on mine because i download much digitally and store a bunch of stuff the internal storage gets filled up quickly and after getting some extra GB is really useful i’ve found. Also a screen protector is useful I’ve hear some people getting scratches easily when they are docking, and I don’t know if it’s a miss by their design team  or something, but be careful when you use the dock. And a nintendo switch case is essential to ofcourse.  ?


Thanks for reading please share this and let me know in the comments what you think! ?

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