Best Lawn Mower Hitch for Tractor and Trailer (2021)

best lawn mower truck trailer hitch

best lawn mower truck trailer hitch

With the wonderful summer finally coming and the grass gets greener that we all love. Then when it’s time to fire up your lawn mower motor or tractor and you might need to pull a small trailer and for that you need a lawn mower hitch attached so you can tow the load.

Now finding a good reliable and strong hitch for your lawn mower is important because you don’t want the aluminum to start bending if it gets little heavy. Riding lawnmowers got the strength and power and with the low center of gravity to be good towing vehicles. So get more use out of your riding mower with a towing hitch. ?

So here is a couple of good hitches that are from reliable brands. ?

Best hitches for Lawn mower, tractor and trailer.

Great Day – Lawn Pro Hi-Hitch – Lawnmower Towing Hitch

This one from Great Day is an easy to install supporting rail to your tractor. With it you simply place the supporting rails as you need it to be, then use the included bolts and screw and align with the holes. The hitch ball is not included so I would get one of these which are necessary, but it accepts all conventional trailer-hitch balls. Also made in the USA. ??

Check current price here!

Here’s a video about Great Day Lawn Pro Hi-Hitch ?

Here are two great trailer-hitch balls for the supporting rails.

CURT 40001 1-7/8 In. Diameter Chrome Trailer Ball

This ball comes in beautiful shiny chrome and has a 2000 lbs ball capacity and is very easy to install. It weighs at 12.8 ounces and It does what it is designed for not much more to say. So it’s perfect for your hatch on your lawn mower or ATV. Depending of your needs you might want need to see what diameter you want.

Check current price here!  – 1-7/8 In. Diameter

Check current price here!  – 2 In. Diameter

Well that’s all you need for your towing needs. Keep in mind not to carry to really heavy weight so your lawn mower doesnt begin to lift front, and be careful how you drive so you dont end up like this! ?

lawn mower accident flipped

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