Best Basketballs To Buy Reviews – Top 5 Outdoor & Indoors (2019)

When looking for the best basketballs to buy, so many factors come into basketballs to buy

With these basketballs brands, they have a fantastic rubber grip for maximum focus on the game and are affordable to buy.

So, let’s get right into it…

…After tons of research and reviews here are the top 10 basketballs:

best basketballs

5 Best Basketballs Reviews

Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball

The embedded NBA logo makes it very attractive and its features will make it possible for you to hone your skills.

Spalding has indeed managed to stand the test of time, especially as far as competition goes from other manufacturers.

This ball meets NBA weight standards and size and is suitable for street basketball and top-level competitive play thanks to its high-performance rubber.

The rubber also makes it easy to bounce even on hard surfaces and makes it tough to wear and tear that comes with heavy use.

The channels are designed wide for control and grip and the exterior is durable hence players get to enjoy it for long. It is available in three different sizes and comes in a wide range of colors so all kinds of preferences are met. Being the official ball for a league you know that you can only get the best from it.


  • The Spalding NBA official game basketball is affordable
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors and even on hard rough surfaces
  • It comes in different sizes meeting player needs easily
  • This ball is easy to handle and offers enhanced feeling and ball control
  • Durable materials


  • It lacks sufficient cushioning
  • It is hard
  • Deflates faster compared to other high-quality balls


Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball – Official Size 7 (29.5″)

This ball can be used indoors and outdoors with amazing results. The pebbling pattern is a tight offering very good grip for players. It features a composite leather cover that manages to balance between feel and durability.

Thanks to the material, this ball manages to hold without damage even when used on rough surfaces. It manages to maintain that nice feel and softness. The bounce rate of this ball is amazing as it handles rough outdoor courts reliably. It has a design that is foam backed so softer bounces can be achieved on harder court rims.

When it comes to balance, the channels are designed deep but narrow, hence better control when the ball is released. This is very helpful, especially for windy courts.


  • The ball is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play
  • It features foam-backed design to improve grip ability and feel
  • It has an exclusive Zi/0 PU composite cover, hence is durable
  • Offers excellent bounce and balance


  • Feel a little heavy even though it has official weight and size
  • Grip is compromised when the ball gets dirty because of tight pebbling


Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball

The Evolution series basketballs are without doubt modern classics because of their high quality. This ball is designed for professionals and is made available in three different sizes. By just looking at the ball you can tell that it is a high-quality ball; the design is simply impressive. Three sizes ensure that all kinds of players are covered.

The grip is one of the things that matter most in a basketball and the Wilson Evolution does not disappoint.

The micro pebble technology ensures that it has optimal surface contact and also lies comfortably in the palms. The handling and control feel very natural. The channels are a bit deep and are moisture wicking so ball handling is still effective even when hands are moistened. The bounce of this ball is consistent thanks to the Cushion Core technology that pushes the rates above normal.


  • Micro pebble touch points offering superior grip
  • Moisture-wicking channels that enhance ball control
  • A cushioned core that offers exceptional feel and handling
  • Microfiber composite leather cover that translates into quality and durability
  • NFHS and NCAA approved
  • Come game ready from the box


  • The basketball loses air often
  • The grooves are too narrow


Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball (Size 7/29.5″)

The Spalding Street Phantom basketball is an outdoor ball that has gained popularity among casual players. It features durable grip technology so ball control is swift. It is also worth mentioning the aesthetic appeal of this ball in black colors and fluorescent detailing making recognition very easy.

The pebbles are dense, but at the same time, they do manage to offer better control for shooting and dribbling. The wider than usual channels so come with an advantage because they offer good release control. This ball also has steady rotations hence it is true to say that overall grip is good.


  • This ball meets official NBA weight and size
  • It features premium outdoor cover
  • The durable soft grip technology adds to its functionality and durability
  • It has wide channels deliberately designed to improve recognition
  • The rubber material is durable


  • The ball is not as soft as one would expect
  • The pebbles are dense and channel wider than usual
  • Bounce is inconsistent when the ball is inflated to higher pressures
  • Does not work as well on hardwood floors

Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball

With this outdoor ball they have some really cool color combinations such as black/blue and green/blue which I really like.

This one is really designed from outdoor intentions in mind and is great for a perfect street match. It has the official NBA size dimensions (29.5) and weight as you should expect from a Spalding ball. It comes in a box and is fully pumped and inflated.


  • Filled with air and is ready to go
  • Cool unique color combinations
  • Great price for a solid basketball.


  • Some say it was flat when it’s received, should just be able to pump it up again but worth noting


Light Up Basketball-Uses Two High Bright LED’s

This is a quite unique basketball because it actually lights up!

As seen on Dude Perfect on youtube this entire ball will illuminate a bright glow, so it’s perfect for playing at night or when it’s dark when you doing a dunk.

It offers a solid grip and water/sweat resistant, and it surprisingly got a good bounce too.

This is the choice if you wanna show off doing some basketball freestyle or any trick shots maybe on a half time show.


  • A Sturdy and durable feel to it
  • Great for doing tricks and gets attention
  • Easy to inflate with a handpump


  • Does not arrive inflated.
  • Black paint lines can come off after some uses



Why These Are The Hottest Basketballs

A ball that works for one setting will not necessarily be the perfect one for another. Factors such as playing environment, the age of players and type of play can help make the right decision, especially in a market with so many options.spalding basketball review

With online buying now being part of life for the majority of buyers, it is best to know what should matter in a basketball before making your purchase. If you know about the top manufacturers and the aspects that matter most, like grip and bounce, then your search for the basketball becomes very easy.

With so many choices available, you can get a basketball that matches your personal preferences in terms of color.

The balls are no longer limited to the orange colors that seem to be traditional. Now you can get them even in black so you can buy a ball you will truly love to shoot and dribble. Online reviews make the buying process easier; using them you get to know what to expect from the ball you are interested in even before making your purchase. Here are a few things that you should be aware of before settling on your hunt for the perfect basketballs.

Different Basketball types

Basketballs can either be indoor or outdoor. Indoor play demand is not the same as outdoor play needs and hence the balls are divided so they are constructed to suit the play environment they are designed for. If for instance, you use an indoor basketball outdoors, it may perform well but then risks of degrading fast are very high.outdoor basketball

Same goes to if you choose to play with an outdoor ball indoor, the bounce may end up being unreliable hence your play experience is interfered with. It is best to know what kind of environment you will be playing in so you are able to select the best ball designed specifically for it.

Basketball sizes

Apart of being made for different play settings, basketballs are also designed in different sizes to match preferences, especially as far as size and gender goes. Kids need a size that won’t be too cumbersome for them to push to the rim. Only a ball fitting their small hands well will help them develop skills faster.

The balls are made available in sizes 5, 6 and 7. The ideal size depends on age and gender of the player.

Size 5 balls are suitable for players up to the age of eleven. They usually have a circumference measuring 27 and a half inches and weighs around 18 ounces, so the kids can have an easy time playing.

Size 6, on the other hand, measures about 28 and a half inches with a weight of 20 ounces and make an ideal choice for players from the age of 12 to around 15. This is the ball size that is commonly used in women’s basketball as well.

Size 7 is suitable for male players above the age of 16 and measures 29 and a half inches with a weight of 22 ounces. It is actually the only size used in the NBA.

Best basketball sizes


What makes a good basketball?

The grip material

The material determines the feel, grip, and even durability. Back in the days, basketballs were only made up of stitched leather panels that covered interior bladder made of rubber. In modern times the balls come in more variety of materials and construction methods are also numerous.

Leather and rubber still make the majority of the balls, but there is also the synthetic composite material option. They are the major materials now used, but one brand will vary with the other considering that manufacturers use different grades and construction technique. This means that one ball will be different from the next even though they are both basketballs.

Generally, indoor balls are made from composite or leather and outdoor balls and all surface balls are made from rubber and durable composites.

Leather is one of the best materials you can choose for a basketball considering that it offers good grip and a soft feel and the surface also responds very well to fingertips making play enjoyable.

Composite balls, on the other hand, simulate the leather feel, but resist moisture and have a surface that is more durable.

Rubber is inexpensive and more durable compared to the leather and composite, however, rubber balls are rougher and harder.

When buying a basketball be sure that the materials, meets your needs and expectations in terms of grip, feel and durability too.

The basketball build quality

The way a ball is put together determines how durable it will be and how functional it remains too. The internal construction is usually made of carcass, cover, bladder, channel, pebbles and thread winding. The bladder is usually rubber made and it is the airtight part of the ball holding the air.

The threads can be nylon or polyester and they are what wrap the bladder offering structural stability and ensuring the bladder maintains the round shape. A thick rubber carcass comes next surrounding the two layers and works as reinforcement. The paneled surface that is visible is the cover of the basketball and channels are black lines sealing these panels. Pebbles are usually on top of the surface, giving texture so gripping the ball is easy.

It might be difficult to check the construction of your basketball when buying, but by sticking to popular brands you can be sure to enjoy the best. Some of the brands or manufacturers that you can trust for quality in every aspect include Nike, Spalding, Wilson, Rawlings and Molten.

The conclusion of the basketball reviews

The basketballs featured are some of the best buys you can make. Considering that most are made available in the three different sizes, it is easy to choose a ball that suits the player especially as far as age goes. Bounce rate and grip are some of the most important considerations when looking for a basketball and these balls to offer impressive results although they are not entirely the same.

The balls are picked from some of the top manufacturers, hence you can trust in the quality of the balls even those that are low-end ones.

They are made from durable materials so players are able to enjoy them for long as long as they are used on the surfaces or the environments they are designed for. Of course, there are so many other choices available in the market and you can always conduct a comparison before buying just to be sure that you end up with the best ball available.

At the end of the day, your personal preferences make the decision, but then again, you should settle for quality, whether you are getting the basketball for professional use or not. If getting the ball for specific leagues, then settle for those marked as official or suited for such for the best results with your play. The basketball you choose can determine how easy it is for you to hone your skills so choose wisely.

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